Return codes : Neteller (31)


31000ONHOLD_PARTNER Transaction Neteller pending
31001REFUSEDRequested function not available
31101REFUSEDOne or more of the required variables was not been sent or was not properly received by the NETELLER Direct API.
31102REFUSEDThere is a problem with the length of the net_account or secure_id variables.
31103REFUSEDOne of the net_account, secure_id, merchant_id, or amount variables are not in numeric format.
31104ERRORInvalid merchant_id or merchant_key.
31105REFUSEDThe specified amount is above or below specified limits.
31106REFUSEDThere is a problem with your merchant account. Contact Optimal Payment's Merchant Support team.
31107REFUSEDThere is a problem with the net_account or secure_id variables.
31109REFUSEDThe member's NETELLER account has been temporarily suspended. Please direct them to contact NETELLER Customer Service.
31110REFUSEDThe specified amount is above the member's available balance.
31113REFUSEDThe specified amount is above the member's total NETELLER account balance.
31114ERRORMember account error. Please direct them to call NETELLER Customer Service.
31115ERRORInvalid currency. Your NETELLER Merchant Account does not support this currency.
31116ERRORUnknown error. Transaction failed.
31117REFUSEDYou cannot perform live transfers.
31118ERRORMerchant account error.
31119ERRORUnknown error. Transaction processing failed.
31120REFUSEDIncluding the test variable with value=1 is not valid.
31121REFUSEDThere is a problem with the length of the amount, merch_account, merch_transid, custom_1, custom_2, or custom_3 variables.
31123REFUSEDMember has not accepted NETELLER's Terms and Conditions.
31124REFUSEDMember is residing in a blocked country/state/region (merchant has chosen to block members from that country).
31125REFUSEDThere was a problem with the version variable. You may only enter "4.1".
31126REFUSEDDirect Accept is no longer supported with this API.
31128REFUSEDMember is residing in a NETELLER-blocked country/state/region.
31131REFUSEDThe specified amount exceeds the member's transaction limit.
31201REFUSEDThe Merchant ID, Transaction ID, Merchant Key, or Merchant Password were not valid or received correctly.
31202REFUSEDThe transaction has not yet finished processing.
31203REFUSEDThe transaction has failed.
31204REFUSEDTransaction cannot be found. The transaction ID has been used for more than one transaction.
31205ERRORThe option api secure ip need to be configured in your neteller account
31500REFUSEDYou are not registered to use this API and version combination.
31600REFUSEDThe API is unavailable due to scheduled system maintenance.

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