Return codes : PayPipe (28)


List of groups :

  • 281XX - Transaction refused
  • 282XX - Communication errors
  • 283XX - PayPipe Internal Validation Errors
  • 284XX - PayPipe HTTPS Access Errors

28000ONHOLD_PARTNER Transaction In progress
28001ONHOLD_PARTNER Transaction pending
28001REFUSEDRequested Function not available
28002CANCELLEDTransaction aborted
28100CANCELLEDTransaction canceled by user
28101REFUSEDBank not supported for Giropay
28102REFUSEDAccount not enabled for Giropay e.g. test account
28103CANCELLEDTransaction canceled by merchant
28104REFUSEDTransaction declined by authorization system (updated)
28105CANCELLEDTransaction cancelled by user (updated)
28106REFUSEDRegistration is not confirmed yet
28107REFUSEDUnable to process transaction - ran out of terminalIds - please contact acquirerd
28108REFUSEDUser did not agree to payment method terms
28109REFUSEDNot confirmed by user
28110REFUSEDRequest contains no creditcard, bank account number or bank name
28111ERRORInvalid creditcard, bank account number or bank name
28112REFUSEDRequest contains no cc/bank account holder
28113ERRORTransaction declined (invalid holder)
28114CANCELLEDTransaction declined (registration canceled externally)
28115REFUSEDTransaction declined (account temporarily not available. Please try again later)
28116REFUSEDnot supported by authorization system
28117ERRORCurrency field is invalid
28118ERRORIdentity contains no or invalid identification value
28119ERRORInvalid request
28119ERRORInvalid request
28120REFUSEDAmount field should not be empty
28121ERRORAmount format invalid (only two decimals allowed)
28122REFUSEDAmount is too large
28123REFUSEDNon matching reference amount
28124ERRORInvalid amount (probably too large)
28125REFUSEDAmount exceeds credit
28126REFUSEDReferenced tx can not be refunded, captured or reversed (already refunded, captured or reversed)
28127REFUSEDReferenced tx can not be reversed (reversal not possible anymore)
28128REFUSEDReferencing transaction does not match
28129REFUSEDTransaction not permitted
28130REFUSEDTransaction in wrong state on aquirer side
28131ERRORDuplicate transaction
28132ERRORInvalid card
28133REFUSEDStolen card
28134REFUSEDCard blocked
28135REFUSEDCard lost
28136REFUSEDRestricted card
28137REFUSEDPick up card
28138REFUSEDCard type is not processed by the authorization center
28139REFUSEDWrong expiry date
28140ERRORInvalid CVV
28141REFUSEDIncorrect personal identification number
28142REFUSEDLimit exceeded
28143REFUSEDFor unknown reason
28144ERRORFormat error
28145REFUSEDRefund on gambling tx not allowed
28146REFUSEDTransaction declined by authorization system
28147ERRORTransaction marked as invalid
28148REFUSEDSuspecting manipulation
28149ERRORToo many invalid tries
28150REFUSEDMaximum transaction frequency exceeded
28151REFUSEDMerchants limit exceeded
28152REFUSEDAccount blocked
28153ERRORInvalid currency, not processed by authorization center
28154ERRORInvalid configuration data
28155ERRORInvalid CVV, amount is reserved on card for a few days
28156ERRORUserAccount Number/ID unknown
28157ERRORRegistration error
28158REFUSEDCreditcard / bank account declined by clearing house
28159REFUSEDAVS Check Failed
28160REFUSEDAVS Check Failed. Amount is reserved on card for a few days!
28161REFUSEDAcquirer/Bank reported timeout on online transfer transaction
28162REFUSEDFamily name too long
28163REFUSEDCompany name too long
28164ERRORInvalid street
28165ERRORInvalid zip
28166REFUSEDcc/bank account holder not valid
28167ERRORInvalid Payer Authentication in 3DSecure transaction
28168REFUSEDWaiting for confirmation of non-instant payment. Denied for now.
28169ERRORInvalid city
28170ERRORInvalid email address (probably invalid syntax)
28171ERRORinvalid phone number (has to start with a digit or a '+', at least 7 and max 25 chars long)
28172ERRORInvalid IP number
28173ERRORInvalid birthdate
28174REFUSEDGiven name too long
28200REFUSEDUnsupported Payment Type
28201ERRORInvalid Payment Method
28202ERRORUnexpected communication error with connector/acquirer
28203REFUSEDError response from connector/acquirer
28204ERRORSerious error on gateway
28205ERRORInvalid transaction flow, the requested function is not applicable for the referenced transaction.
28206REFUSEDNo response from connector/acquirer [uncertain result]
28207REFUSEDTimeout at connectors/acquirer side
28208REFUSEDTimeout at connectors/acquirer side (try later)
28209REFUSEDUser Authentication Failed
28210REFUSEDPARes Validation failed
28211REFUSEDPARes Validation failed - problem with signature
28212REFUSEDCardholder Not Found - card number provided is not found in the ranges of the issuer
28213ERRORCommunication Error to VISA/Mastercard Directory Server
28214ERRORTechnical Error in 3D system
28215REFUSEDUnsupported User Device - Authentication not possible
28216REFUSEDCard not participating/authentication unavailable
28217REFUSEDUser not enrolled
28218ERRORInvalid format for processing by gateway (no reference id)
28219REFUSEDTransaction rejected because merchant not participating in 3DSecure program
28220REFUSEDConnector/acquirer currently down
28221REFUSEDUser session timeout
28222REFUSEDMessage Sequence Number of Connector out of sync
28300ERRORBank account has invalid bankcode/name account number combination
28301ERRORPayment type invalid
28302ERRORInvalid credit card brand
28303ERRORDuplicate transaction. Please verify that the UUID is unique
28304ERRORInvalid Request Message. The request contains structural errors
28305ERRORInvalid Request Message. No valid XML. XML must be url-encoded! maybe it contains a not encoded ampersand or something similar.
28400ERRORPayPipe gateway is currently not available. Please contact in case this error persists.
28401ERRORYou are connecting from an unknown Server IP address. Please contact
28402ERRORInvalid HTTP authentication parameters (username or password wrong). Please contact

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