Return codes : FIS (15)


15100REFUSEDDo not Honour
15101REFUSEDCard expired
15104REFUSEDRestricted card
15105REFUSEDCall acquirer security
15106REFUSEDPIN tries exceeded
15107REFUSEDRefer to issuer
15116REFUSEDInsufficient funds
15118REFUSEDNo card record
15119REFUSEDTransaction not allowed to cardholder
15121REFUSEDAmount limits exceeded or outside valid load range
15123REFUSEDFrequency limits exceeded
15125REFUSEDCard not effective
15126ERRORInvalid PIN
15167REFUSEDNo PIN assigned
15168REFUSEDPIN already present
15169REFUSEDNo PIN card
15184REFUSEDPIN confirmation failed
15200REFUSEDCard closed
15202REFUSEDFraudulent use detected by provider
15204REFUSEDRestricted card
15205REFUSEDCall acquirer security
15206REFUSEDPIN tries exceeded
15207REFUSEDSpecial conditions
15208REFUSEDCard lost
15209REFUSEDCard stolen
15904ERRORFormat error
15908ERRORSystem error during ping/sign on or sign off
15909ERRORSystem malfunction
15913ERRORDuplicate transaction
15914REFUSEDUnable to trace original transaction
15920ERRORSecurity error . authentication failed
15921ERRORSecurity error . security answer not defined

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