Return codes - LCLF (04)


The return codes of the LCLF module related to Payline anti-fraud rules.

Codes and messages will be returned by the Result object.

04000ACCEPTEDTransaction accepted
04001PENDING_RISKTransaction accepted
04002REFUSEDFraud detected
04002REFUSEDFraud detected
04003PENDING_RISKFraud suspected
04101ERRORMissing field
04102ERRORIncorrect RuleName
04103ERRORDuplicate data
04104ERRORField value must be null
04301REFUSEDData not found
04302REFUSEDEmpty list
04303ERRORConfiguration not found
04401REFUSEDDo a 3DSecure authentication 
04901ERRORSystem error
04902ERRORUnauthorized service access


041XX - Input error

043XX - Output error

049XX - System error

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