Codes - deliveryMode


This table shows values for "deliveryMode" field of order object.

CodeDescriptionFor transaction 3DSV2 only
1Collect goods from the merchant
2Use a network of third-party pick-up points (such as Kiala, Alveol, etc.)
3Collection from an airport, a train station or a travel agent
4Mail (Colissimo, UPS, DHL, etc., or any private courier) 
5Issuing an electronic ticket, downloads

Ship to cardholder’s billing address

7Ship to another verified address on file with merchant(coche)
8Ship to address that is different than the cardholder’s billing address(coche)

Travel and Event tickets, not shipped


Locker delivery (or other automated pick-up)


Other (for example, Gaming, digital services not shipped, emedia subscriptions, etc.


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