Return codes : V.Me (33)


33000ONHOLD_PARTNER by Visa transaction pending
33001REFUSEDRequested function not available
33010REFUSEDAuthorisation Declined
33011CANCELLEDAuthorisation Cancelled
33012ERRORAuthorisation Error by Visa technical error
33200ERRORSyntax error. Refer to message log for details
33201ERRORSyntax error. Refer to message log for details
33210ERRORInput error. . Refer to message log for details
33220ERRORInvalid input. Refer to message log for details
33300ERRORRouting and card error. Refer to message log for details
33401ERRORAuthorisation has already been used.
33402ERRORAuthorisation has expired.
33403ERRORCapture amount excees high limit
33404ERRORCapture amount is below limit.
33405ERRORNo valid authorization found.
33406ERRORNo valid charge found
33407ERRORRefund amount exceed limit
33408ERRORCharge is blocked for refund
33409ERRORRefund status cannot be changed
33410CANCELLEDAuhorisation has been cancelled
33411ERRORCode expired
33412ERRORSession has already been used.
33413ERRORThe limit has been reached.
33414ERRORSession timeout exceeded.
33415ERRORWallet already in use.
33500ERRORHTTP reject
33501ERRORThe BIN range specified overlaps with a BIN previously specified
33502ERRORInvalid file format
33503ERRORInvalid input file.
33504ERRORInvalid header record
33505ERRORInvalid trailer record.
33514ERRORCard scheme and type not supported
33515ERRORMerchant country is not supported
33516ERRORCurrency is not supported
33517ERRORLanguage is not supported
33518ERRORAVSResponse is invalid
33519ERRORCSCResponse is invalid
33520ERRORResult 3DS is invalid
33521ERRORSoftDeclineDecision is invalid.
33522ERRORStepUpCountry is not supported
33523ERRORMechantAuthorisationType is not supported
33524ERRORPost AuthorisationEvent Type is invalid
33525ERRORChargeback reason code is invalid
33526ERRORRefund reason code is invalid
33527ERRORISPSID is not supported
33528ERRORISPSID is not enabled for merchant onboarding
33529ERRORMerchant id is invalid.
33601ERRORMechant id faile Luhn check
33602ERRORMerchant id already exists for country
33603ERROREither percentage or value is required in surcharging section
33604ERROROnly percentage or value can be supplied in surcharging section
33605ERRORDuplicate surcharging section entry
33606ERRORDuplicate step up forced section entry
33607ERRORDuplicate soft decline section entry
33608ERRORMerchant name already exists.
33609ERRORVme merchant id doesnï¿¿t exist.
33610ERRORAt least one of stepupForced or cscForced is required in stepupForcedSection
33612ERRORChargeback Reason code is mandatory for chargeback event.
33613ERRORRefund reason code is mandatory for refund event
33614ERRORMandatory element must not be blank.
33615ERRORCombination of PSPMerchantID and IPSPIP must be unique.
33616ERRORThe zip file must contain exactly one xml file.
33617ERRORThe zip file must not contain a logo file which is not referred to by a merchant.
33618ERRORFor each merchant in the xml file with a logo tag the logo file must exist in the zip file.
33619ERRORThe logo file must be a valid png file
33620ERRORThe size of the logo is 150 x 40 pixels (width x height)
33621ERRORThe maximum individual image size (pre-zipped) is 100 kb
33622ERRORCountry is not supported
33844ERRORNot found
33845ERRORMethod not allowed
33850ERRORInternal server error Technical error

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