Return codes : Total GR (26)


26101REFUSEDExpired card
26102REFUSEDSuspected fraud 
26103REFUSEDCard Acceptor contact acquirer 
26104REFUSEDRestricted card 
26106REFUSEDAllowable PIN Tries exceeded
26107REFUSEDRefer to Card Issuer 
26109ERRORInvalid Merchant
26110ERRORInvalid Amount
26111ERRORInvalid card number
26112REFUSEDPIN data required
26114REFUSEDFunction requested not supported 
26114REFUSEDFunction requested not supported 
26116REFUSEDNot sufficient funds
26117REFUSEDIncorrect PIN
26118REFUSEDNo card record
26119REFUSEDTransaction not permitted to the customer
26120REFUSEDTransaction not permitted to the terminal
26121REFUSEDExceeds withdrawal amount limit
26122REFUSEDSecurity violation
26123REFUSEDExceeds withdrawal frequency limit
26125REFUSEDCard not effective
26126ERRORInvalid PIN block
26127ERRORPIN length error
26128ERRORPIN key synch error
26180REFUSEDRedemption denied by Loyalty 
26181REFUSEDCard blocked
26182REFUSEDAccount blocked
26185REFUSEDProduct(s) not allowed
26186REFUSEDAllowable PIN tries exceeded 
26187REFUSEDPrevious PIN used 
26188REFUSEDPIN change required 
26190REFUSEDTransponder is blocked 
26191REFUSEDUnknown transponder 
26192REFUSEDIllegal challenge response 
26200REFUSEDDo not honor 
26201REFUSEDExpired card,capture
26202REFUSEDSuspected fraud 
26203REFUSEDCard acceptor contact acquirer  
26204REFUSEDRestricted card 
26206REFUSEDAllowable PIN tries exceeded 
26208REFUSEDLost card
26209REFUSEDStolen card
26289REFUSEDPhone call
26290REFUSEDDisabled application
26291REFUSEDType of site not allowed
26292REFUSEDZone not allowed
26293REFUSEDPeriod not allowed
26294REFUSEDTechnical control
26295REFUSEDProduct limit exceeded
26296REFUSEDFraud suspicion, capture
26297REFUSEDOpposition, without capture
26298REFUSEDOpposition, capture
26299REFUSEDDisabled client
26904ERRORFormat error 
26906REFUSEDCutover in progress 
26907REFUSEDCard issuer or switch inoperative 
26909ERRORsystem malfunction 
26911REFUSEDCard issuer timed out 
26912REFUSEDCard issuer unavailable 
26916ERRORMAC incorrect 
26917ERRORMAC key synch error 
26921REFUSEDsecurity software/hardware error - no action 
26922REFUSEDmessage number out of sequence 

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