Return codes : MoneyBooker (13)


13000ONHOLD_PARTNER Pending Transaction
13002ERRORInvalid merchant number
13003REFUSEDPick-up card
13004REFUSEDAutorisation declined
13005ERROROther error
13006ERRORCVV is mandatory, but not set or invalid
13007REFUSEDApproved autorisation, honour with identification
13008REFUSEDDelayed processing
13009ERRORInvalid transaction
13010ERRORInvalid currency
13011ERRORInvalid amount/available limit exceeded/amount too high
13012ERRORInvalid credit card or bank account
13013ERRORInvalid card issuer
13014REFUSEDAnnulation by client
13015ERRORDuplicate transaction
13016ERRORAcquirer error
13017REFUSEDReversal not processed, matching autorisation not found
13018REFUSEDFile transfer nor available/unsuccessful
13019ERRORReference number error
13020REFUSEDAccess denied
13021REFUSEDFile transfer failed
13022ERRORFormat error
13023REFUSEDUnknown acquirer
13024REFUSEDCard expired
13025REFUSEDFraud suspicion by Skrill
13026REFUSEDSecurity code expired
13027REFUSEDRequested function not available
13028REFUSEDLost/stolen card
13029REFUSEDStolen card, pick-up
13030ERRORDuplicate authorisation
13031REFUSEDLimit exceeded
13032ERRORInvalid security code
13033ERRORUnknown or invalid card/bank account
13034REFUSEDIllegal transaction
13035REFUSEDTransaction not permitted
13036REFUSEDCard blocked in local blacklist
13037REFUSEDRestricted card/bank account
13038REFUSEDSecurity rules violation
13039REFUSEDThe transactiuon amount of the referencing transaction is higher than the transaction amount of the original transaction
13040REFUSEDTransaction frequency limit exceeded, override is possible
13041ERRORIncorrect usage count in the autorisation system exceeded
13042REFUSEDCard blocked
13043REFUSEDRejected by credit card issuer
13044REFUSEDCard issuing bank or network is not available
13045REFUSEDThe card type is not processed by the autorisation centre / autorisation system has determined incorrect routing
13047REFUSEDProcessing temporarily not possible
13048REFUSEDSecurity breach
13049REFUSEDDate / time not plausible, trace-no. not increasing
13050ERRORError in PAC encryption detected
13051ERRORSystem error
13052REFUSEDMB denied - potential fraud
13053REFUSEDMobile verification failed
13054REFUSEDFailed due to internal security problem
13055REFUSEDCommunication or verification problem
13056REFUSED3D verification failed
13057REFUSEDAVS check failed
13058ERRORInvalid bank code
13059ERRORInvalid account code
13060REFUSEDCard not authorised
13061REFUSEDNo credit worthiness
13062ERRORCommunication error
13063REFUSEDTransaction not allowed for cardholder
13064ERRORInvalid data in request
13065REFUSEDBlocked bank code
13066REFUSEDCVV2/CVC2 failure
13067ERRORInvalid MD5 signature
13068REFUSEDThe player account must be unique
13069REFUSEDPending transaction
13099ERRORGeneral error
13113REFUSEDThe Buyer cannot pay with PayPal for this transaction. 
13116ONHOLD_PARTNER Responses are slightly delayed. An API response will be returned for the original API request.



Refund failed due to insufficient funds in your Payapal account

13994ONHOLD_PARTNER Status treatment in progress
13995REFUSEDThe action parameter is not supplied in the query
13996REFUSEDRefund feature is not activated
13997REFUSEDMissing email or password parameters
13998ERRORAn invalid email parameter is supplied
13999ERRORInvalid combination of email and password is supplied

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