Return codes : Paysafecard (12)


12000ONHOLD_PARTNER Transaction pending
P999ERRORThe disposition is created but need to be submited or cancelled
12001ERRORNo data selected
12002ERRORInvalid field format
12003ERRORMandatory field is empty.
12004ERRORInvalid field format
12005ERRORInvalid field format
12006ERRORInvalid field format
12007ERRORInvalid field format
12008ERRORInvalid field format
12009ERRORInvalid field format
12010ERRORInvalid field format
12011ERRORInvalid field format
12012ERRORInvalid field format
12013ERRORInvalid field format
12014ERRORInvalid number of object per transaction
12015ERRORAnswer to Challenge Question is empty.
12016ERRORAnswer to Challenge Question is wrong.
12017ERRORAnswer to Challenge Question contains invalid characters.
12018ERRORChallenge Question is empty.
12019ERRORChallenge Question is too long
12020ERRORMerchant ID is empty.
12021ERRORMerchant ID is too long
12022ERRORMerchant-transaction ID is empty.
12023ERRORMerchant-transaction ID  is too long.
12024ERRORNot-OK URL is empty.
12025ERROROK URL is empty.
12026ERRORPassword is empty.
12027ERRORPassword too long.
12028ERRORSyntax error in password.
12029ERRORSerial number is empty.
12030ERRORSerial number is too long.
12031ERRORSerial number is not numeric
12032ERRORCard State is invalid.
12033ERRORSubmitted Card State is not equal to the expected Card State.
12034ERRORCard Type is invalid.
12035ERRORDebit State is invalid.
12036ERRORDisposition State is invalid.
12037ERRORSubmitted Disposition State error
12038ERRORClose Debit-flag is invalid
12039ERRORCurrency is empty.
12040ERRORCurrency is too long
12041ERRORCurrency Name is empty.
12042ERRORCurrency Name is too long
12201ERRORImmediate Payment item was not found.
12202ERRORMore than one eBay item is present.
12203ERRORPayment rolled back because of pending item.
12204ERRORTransaction reversed.
12205ERROReBay Transaction ID and eBay Order ID must be null.
12206ERRORThe value of PaymentAction must be Sale for Immediate Payment item.
12207ERRORCart ID is required for Immediate Payment item.
12208ERROReBay item amount does not match Express Checkout API item amount.
12209ERRORAccess denied because of a repeated recent access violation.
12210ERRORWrong Password entered.
12211ERRORNew Password 1 and new Password 2 are different.
12212ERRORChallenge Question Answer 1 and Challenge Question Answer 2 are different.
12213ERRORCard is in an invalid State.
12214ERRORNumber of copies printed is invalid.
12215ERRORPassword could not be set.
12216ERRORYou need to specify question.
12217ERRORThe card status of at least one card used for this inquiry is not valid.
12218ERRORThere is currently no available credit on this card. In the case of reserved amounts.
12219ERRORAt least one of the PINs used is not valid.
12220ERRORCard does not exist.
12301ERRORTransaction already exists.
12302ERRORTransaction does not exist.
12303ERRORTransaction is in invalid state.
12304ERRORInsufficient funds for payment.
12305ERRORThe entered password is incorrect.
12306ERRORTransaction currency is invalid for transaction.
12307ERRORThe amountis invalid for the used card.
12308ERRORThe amount  exceeds the card balance.
12309ERRORThe amountis invalid for the transaction
12310ERRORThe amount is insufficiently disposed for the transaction
12311ERRORThe Currency is invalid for this transaction
12312ERRORPayment transaction failed.
12313ERRORError finding transaction.
12314ERRORNo disposition has been made for this payment transaction.
12315ERRORPayment transaction failed.
12316ERRORError finding Merchant.
12317ERRORTransaction is in invalid State
12318ERRORMicroDebits for transaction are not sequential.
12319ERRORMicroDebit for transactiondoes not exist.
12320ERRORAmount cannot be modified.
12321ERRORThe amountis invalid for the transaction.
12322ERRORTransaction has no cards assigned.
12323ERRORBusiness type of transaction error
12324ERRORDebit cannot be performed
12325ERRORTransaction amount is empty
12326ERRORTransaction amount is not numeric
12327ERRORTransaction amount is invalid
12328ERRORBusiness type is invalid for transaction.
12329ERRORThe amount must be greater than zero.
12330CANCELLEDPayment canceled
12401ERRORMerchant is not active.
12402ERRORCurrency is not valid for merchant.
12403ERRORMerchant does not exist.
12404ERRORCard Type is not accepted by the merchant.
12405ERRORMerchant exceeded time window to debit the transaction.
12406ERRORMerchant exceeded time window for Micropayment.
12407ERRORMerchant already exists.
12408ERRORReporting Criterion for Merchant doesnt exist.
12409ERRORReporting Criterion error.
12501REFUSEDMerchant-transaction ID is empty.
12502REFUSEDMerchant-transaction ID  is too long.
12601ERRORSSL error
12602ERRORInvalid function request
12603ERRORabove maximum disposition amount or invalid ref
12604ERRORInvalid proxy request
12605ERRORConnection error
12606ERRORUnexpected response from server
12607ERRORUndefined error
12608ERRORError reported from backend
12610ERRORError opening configuration file
12611ERRORConfiguration file is no regular readable file
12612ERRORIncorrect syntax in configuration file
12613ERRORIncorrect value in configuration file.
12614ERRORError HTTP response from API proxy
12701ERRORGeneral technical error.
12702ERRORMAC check.
12801ERRORHTTPS request error.
12802ERRORGeneral technical error
12803ERRORGeneral technical error
12804ERRORPIN validation failed.
12805ERRORUnexpected error
12806ERRORAuthentication failed.
12807ERRORCancelPayment too late
12808ERRORInsufficient Balance
12809ERRORZero Balance.
12810ERRORCard not active
12811ERRORMethod not allowed for SOPG User.
12812ERRORCurrency not valid for SOPG User

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