Return codes : ELV (06)


06001ERRORSystem error
06002REFUSEDDenied, authorization by telephone possible
06003ERRORInvalid merchant number
06004REFUSEDUsed card not allowed
06005ERRORBank code blocked
06006ERRORFile transfer wrong
06009REFUSEDDelayed processing
06012ERRORTransaction invalid, e.g. currency not allowed
06013REFUSEDAvailable limit exceeded
06014ERRORInvalid card
06021REFUSEDReversal not processed, related authorization not found
06024ERRORFile transfer not available
06029ERRORFile transfer not successful
06030ERRORFormat failure
06033REFUSEDDue date of the card expired
06034REFUSEDSuspicion of manipulation
06040ERRORRequested function not available
06043REFUSEDStolen card, please pick up card
06050ERRORDouble authorization
06051REFUSEDLimit exceeded, "override function" possible
06055REFUSEDPIN wrong
06056ERRORCard invalid (no entry in authorization database)
06057REFUSEDOther card than with authorization / reservation used
06061REFUSEDCard blocked in local blacklist
06062REFUSEDCard blocked
06064REFUSEDTransaction amount higher than authorization
06065REFUSEDLimit of transaction frequency exceeded, "override function" available
06075ERRORInvalid transaction counter in the authorization system (AS) has expired
06077REFUSEDPIN entry necessary
06080REFUSEDTransaction amount not available
06082ERRORELV system failure
06085REFUSEDDenial from credit card issuer
06086REFUSEDBasic data unknown
06087REFUSEDTerminal / PIN-pad unknown
06089REFUSEDCRC wrong
06091REFUSEDCard issuer or network not available
06092REFUSEDAuthorization system (AS) recognizes wrong routing
06096REFUSEDAuthorization system (AS) - processing currently not available
06098REFUSEDDate / time not plausible, trace-no. not increasing
06099REFUSEDPAC-encryption with failures
06260REFUSEDProcessing currency not available, please try again/No terminal available
06261ERRORSystem error : Invalid function according to terminal type
06270ERRORSystem error : Format error in xml message
06271ERRORSystem error : Invalid character in IC_SHOP_TA_ID
06272ERRORSystem error : Invalid xml message
06273ERRORSystem error : Invalid card type
06274ERRORInvalid card (expiration date invalid)/Invalid expiration date
06275ERRORInvalid card/Unknown card
06276ERRORInvalid bank code
06277ERRORInvalid account code
06278ERRORInvalid german ec card (eurocheque)
06279REFUSEDCard not authorized
06280ERRORSystem error : BMP60 unknown field type
06282ERRORSystem error : BMP120 Feldtyp unbekannt
06290REFUSEDAmount too high
06292REFUSEDCard rejected/Authorization impossible
06293ERRORReversal (cancellation) / capture (accounting) impossible. Reference transaction not found
06300REFUSEDProcessing not possible at the time, please repeat the transaction/File Transfer aborted
06310ERRORSystem error : Offline turnover forbidden for credit cards.
06320ERRORSystem error : Unknown record type
06400REFUSEDProcessing not possible at the time, please repeat the diagnosis/Diagnosis aborted
06401REFUSEDProcessing not possible at the time, please repeat the diagnosis/Maximum amount could not be acquired.
06420REFUSEDAuto-discount interrupted
06430REFUSEDProcessing not possible at the time, please repeat the diagnosis/No response by the host system.
06450ERRORSystem error : ISOMux Key can't be created
06510ERRORSystem error : Amount of cutover is negative
06600ERRORSystem error : Database error
06610ERRORSystem error : Terminal type not registered
06700REFUSEDNo credit worthiness

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