Return codes : iDEAL (05)


Group : 

050xxCodes IX: Invalid XML and all related problems, such as incorrect encoding, invalid version, otherwise unreadable.
051xxCodes SO: System maintenance. The errors that are communicated in the event of system maintenance or system failure. Also covers the situation where new requests are no longer being accepted but requests already submitted will be dealt with (until a certain time).
052xxCodes SE: Security and authentication errors. Incorrect authentication methods and expired certificates.
053xxCodes BR: Field errors. Extra information on incorrect fields.



Codes AP: Application errors. Errors relating to IDs, account numbers, time zones, transactions, currencies.

Codes : 

05000ERRORReceived XML not valid
05001ERROREncoding type not UTF-8
05002ERRORXML version number invalid
05003ERRORMandatory value missing
05100ERRORFailure in system
05101REFUSEDSystem busy. Try again later
05102ERRORUnavailable due to maintenance
05103ERRORIssuer unavailable
05200ERRORAuthentication error
05201ERRORAuthentification method not supported
05300ERRORiDEAL version number invalid
05301REFUSEDValue contains non-permitted character
05302ERRORValue too long
05303ERRORValue too short
05304ERRORInvalid date/time
05305ERRORInvalid URL
05404ERRORMerchantID not active
05405ERRORTransaction does not exist
05408ERRORSelected currency not supported
05409REFUSEDMaximum amount exceeded. (Detailed record states the maximum amount)
05410REFUSEDAmount too low. (Detailed record states the minimum amount)
05411REFUSEDPlease adjust expiration period. See suggested expiration period
05500REFUSEDiDeal transaction in progress
05501CANCELLEDiDeal transaction cancelled
05502REFUSEDiDeal transaction expired
05503REFUSEDiDeal transaction failure
05504REFUSEDiDeal transaction open

05504 "iDeal transaction open".

This code means that a call to the status of the iDeal transaction has been made, the response provided an "Open" status.

"Open" indicates an unknown end result, a new call to the "status" service must be made to obtain another state.

In this case Payline returns the code 02005: "Transaction in progress, please wait for payment method return".


Indicates whether the transaction is successful via one of the following statuses:

Success  : ok result, payment is guaranteed.

Canceled  : result ko, the payment has been canceled by the buyer, no payment has been made.

Expired  : result ko due to expiration of the session timeout, no payment has been made.

Failure  : result ko due to another reason.

Open  : unknown end result, A new call to the status service is needed to get the result.

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